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Keith McCarty


Keith McCarty’s first job as a motorcycle mechanic was for U.S. Suzuki in 1973 for motocross rider Mike Runyard. In 1975-76, he wrenched for AMA Motorcycle Hall of Famer Tony DiStefano, winning two 250cc AMA National Motocross Championships. When the motocross schedule didn’t conflict, he worked with the future Hall of Fame duo of Erv Kanemoto and Gary Nixon in road racing.

In January 1977, McCarty began his long career with Yamaha as the mechanic for AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame Legend Bob “Hurricane” Hannah. McCarty has remained in Yamaha’s racing division ever since, working as mechanic, supervisor, department manager and, most recently, division manager for all of Yamaha’s U.S. racing activities.

McCarty, who lives in Orange, Calif., is known not only for his technical knowledge, but also for an inspirational prowess and organizational acumen that transcends racing disciplines, making him not only an asset for Yamaha but also a valued member of the motorcycling community.