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Carl Goudy


1910s Class A Racing Champion

Carl Goudy was a popular racer, representative and team manager for Chicago-based Excelsior motorcycles. Throughout the 1910s, he raced in AMA Class A (factory) competition on dirt and board tracks across the country.

Goudy placed third at the inaugural Dodge City, Kan., 300-mile race on July 4, 1914. won the 300-mile race at Chicago’s Maywood board track on Sept. 12, 1915, with a time of 3:29:51 and average speed of nearly 86 mph., which was a world record for motorcycles at the time. He placed third at the July 4, 1915, 300-mile race at Dodge City.

Carl’s brother, Bill, raced in the same era and is also a member of the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame.