February 5th, 2014 —
The AMA Office will be closed today due to inclement weather and treacherous road conditions in Central Ohio.
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Thanks To Our Donors

No matter the amount of your gift, all are greatly appreciated. The individuals listed on these pages have stepped up to honor the great heritage of motorcycling by supporting the Motorcycle Hall of Fame.

Any omissions or errors in the donor listings were unintentional. If there are any errors in these listings, please accept our apologies and contact the Resource Development Department of the Motorcycle Hall of Fame at (614) 856-2222 so the situation can be corrected. Thank you.

Donor Hall of Fame

These donors have demonstrated their dedication to preserving our motorcycling heritage and helping educate the public to the benefits and joys of motorcycling. These giving levels are based on the donors' cumulative total since the American Motorcycle Heritage Foundation (AMHF) was established in 1982. View Donors

Donors of $100 or more

These donors have contributed a gift of cash or in-kind of at least $100 in a given calendar year. These donors will also be recognized in the AMHF's annual report. These donors have given a gift to the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame during the calendar year to bring their cumulative total to the gift level indicated. Due to space limitations we are not able to list all of our donors, but your gifts, no matter the amount, are all greatly appreciated. Donors: 2000-2012

Gifts in Memory

Many people have taken the opportunity to memorialize a friend or loved one through a gift to the Motorcycle Hall of Fame. These gifts of the heart are a very special way of paying tribute to someone very special to you, as well as a way to preserve and maintain our rich motorcycling heritage. If you would like to make a donation In Memory of someone special, contact our Resource Development Director.  Donors: 2000-2012

Gifts in Honor

Show your respect to a special person or event with an In Honor of gift to the Motorcycle Hall of Fame. You can make a gift In Honor of a loved one, a friend or anyone who you feel has made an exceptional contribution to the world of motorcycling or to your life. Gifts In Honor are also a great way to pay tribute to special occasions such as weddings, anniversaries or birthdays. Contact our Resource Development Director for more information. Donors: 2000-2012

Note: If you would prefer your gift not be publicly acknowledged or if you would like further information on the American Motorcycle Heritage Foundation Donor Recognition Program or Planned Giving Opportunities, please contact our Donor Specialist at (800) 262-5646, ext. 1234.