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The Motorcycle Hall of Fame

The main floor of the Motorcycle Hall of Fame celebrates Hall of Fame inductees—the heroes of the track, road, trails and halls of government who have elevated the sport to new heights.

The incredible machines that help represent their accomplishments include a Wayne Rainey Superbike; Gary Nixon’s Formula 750 racebike; one-of-a-kind Craig Vetter bikes, Doug Henry’s YZM400, which is the bike that started the four-stroke motocross revolution; Denis Manning’s 23-foot-long Tenacious II streamliner, and many, many more. Each has a unique story to tell about a member of the Motorcycle Hall of Fame.

Please come by and see these exhibits and support those who have built the sport and pastime we all love.

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See the inductees - all the legends and champions in the online version of the Hall of Fame Exhibit.