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AMA Motorcycle Hall Of Fame 

The AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame (“Hall of Fame”) was established in 1998 by the American Motorcycle Heritage Foundation (“AMHF”) to honor the legends and heroes of American motorcycling and highlight their achievements and contributions to motorcycling. The first induction in 1998 included a large number of early pioneers and competitors who built the foundation of motorcycling in America. The second year added a number of inductees from among the most famous, legendary and significant contributors in American motorcycling. This established the Hall of Fame as we know it today.

Each year after those inaugural inductions, the annual Hall of Fame induction ceremony has added an elite group of new inductees to the hallowed Hall of Fame gallery in the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum in Pickerington, Ohio. The 2004 consolidation of the National Motorcycle Museum’s Hall of Fame with the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame further bolstered the ranks of inductees.  The Hall of Fame induction ceremony is held in the late fall each year and is open to the public (attendees purchase tickets).

The AMA Board of Directors oversees the inductee selection process, with participation from motorcycle historians, journalists, industry leaders and living Hall of Fame members, all of whom have expert knowledge in their fields of motorcycling. The final inductee selection is made by a confidential ballot that is cast by the voting body composed of this large group of motorcycle experts.


An application for nomination to the Hall of Fame may be submitted by anyone, whether an AMA Member or not. Applications may be submitted on one's own behalf or that of another. Regardless, use of the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame Application Form is required.

The application form should be addressed as provided, and the completed form must be received no later than December 31 of any given year for the individual to be considered in the next annual Hall of Fame Induction cycle. The proposed individual must meet the base eligibility requirements as provided in the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame Procedures Manual to be accepted as an Applicant.

For questions about the nomination process, please email: jmassey@ama-cycle.org.

Click on the image below to view the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame Induction Process.

AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame Categories

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  • Ambassadors / Industry

  • Design / Engineering

  • Dirt Track

  • Leadership / Motorcycle Rights Advocates

  • Motocross / Supercross

  • Off-Road

  • Road Racing

  • Specialty Competition