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2 Wheels + Motor: A Fine Art Exhibition

This exhibit at the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame in Pickerington, Ohio, titled 2 Wheels + Motor, A Fine Art Exhibition, includes art created by mixed-media specialists, photographers, sculptors, painters, illustrators, jewelers and potters.They're showcasing some of their finest pieces in one of the most heart-stirring and captivating exhibits of motorcycling-related art in the nation. 

"Writer Thomas Merton said, 'Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time,'" says Jeffrey V. Heininger, chairman of the American Motorcycle Heritage Foundation, which oversees the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame. "Well, the same is true with motorcycling. So the combination of motorcycling, unique images and stunning artworks into a one-of-a-kind motorcycling art exhibit is certain to inspire everyone who sees it.

"We are very fortunate to have so many talented artists taking part in this new exhibit," Heininger added. "Several of the artworks have been created specifically for this exhibit, so there will be many fresh interpretations of motorcycling in various art forms. I'm very excited about this new addition to the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame."

Many Columbus, Ohio-area artists are taking part in the exhibit along with artists from across the nation and around the world. Among the artists are: Matthew Anderle, sculptor; David Argento, illustrator; Wesley R. Baker, painter; Dale Bert, painter; Don Bradley, painter; Jim Brothers, sculptor; Gavin Bruce, sculptor; Bernardo Corman, sculptor; Ralph Corriveau, photographer; Katherine Crowley, painter; Jeff Decker, sculptor; Von Dutch, painter; Manon Elder, painter; Kristin Ellis, jeweler; Tom Fritz, painter; Barbara Allen Frost, sculptor; Jeff Gaither, sculptor and painter; Derek Gibson, illustrator; Daric Gill, sculptor; Ken Goodson, painter; Kathy Grace, sculptor; Eric Herrmann, painter; Walter L. Herrmann, sculptor; Ron Jasin, painter; Patrick Jilbert, painter; Kristi  Kloss, jeweler.

Also on display are works by Frank Laskowski, painter; Troy Lee, painter Michael Lichter, photographer; Lory Lockwood, painter; Joseph Lombardo, painter; Andrew Lundberg, painter; Bill Meyer, illustrator; Harry Miller, illustrator; Kristin Morris, sculptor; Jongseok Oh, sculptor; Steve Posson, sculptor; Peter Rasmussen, sculptor; Kraig Richard, glass sculptor; Tim Rietenbach, painter; Guenevere Schwien, painter; Michael Siculan, sculptor and painter; Shane Siculan, painter; Siege, painter; Koranna Spurgeon, painter; Kent Stewart, sculptor; Kevin Stewart, sculptor; Ric Stewart, sculptor; David Uhl, painter; Alicia Jean Vanderelli, painter; Susan Ward, painter; Mary Watt Yeadon, painter; Anona Wheeler, sculptor; Brad White, sculptor; Roger Williams, painter. 

"Dangerous" by Eric Herrmann

"Her Black Wings" by Brad White

"Banshee Scream" by Tom Fritz

"Wildlife" by Eric Herrmann

"Red On Red" by Reed White

"Not Just 'Boys Toys'" by Wesley R. Baker

"Toyland" by Don Bradley

"Cloud Chaser" by Wesley R. Baker

"The Beauty Of The Machine" by Koranna Spurgeon

"Laughlin" by Eric Herrmann

"Hand/Wrench" by Gavin Bruce

"Behind Bars" by Eric Herrmann

"Poker Run" by Wesley R. Baker

"Long Days Short Life" by Patrick Jilbert

"Ride To Live Or Die Trying" by Ron Jasin

"Stuntin'" by Ken Goodson

"Twilight Of The Gods" by Don Bradley

"Cruizin'" by Ken Goodson

"Carving It In Rubber" by Tom Fritz

"Crankin'" by Eric Herrmann

"Fire!" by Siege

"1919 Cleveland" by Alicia Jean Vanderelli

"Harley Rear End" by Alicia Jean Vanderelli

"Dick Burleson" by Andrew Lundberg

"He's Checking It Twice" by Frank Laskowski

"Catchin' Wind" by Bill Meyer

"Harley Rider & Cycle" by Jeff Decker

"Knucklehead Engine" by Jeff Decker

"Foo Rider" by Jeff Gaither

"Flames Grid" by Lory Lockwood

"Ladies First" by Wesley R. Baker

"Monkeys Cycle Through The UV Zone" by Michael Siculan

"Shane's Painting" by Shane Siculan

"Cruising" by Katherine N. Crowley

"Merkel On Mustard" by Reed White

"Gray On Gray" by Reed White

"Four Horse Men" by Jongseok Oh

"Via Con Dios" by Manon Elder

"Nude In Reflection" by Siege

"Skull" by Tim Rietenbach

"American, Always" by Eric Herrmann

"Magoo" by Troy Lee

"Black Rider" by Ken Goodson

"Wash Day" by Eric Herrmann

"Red Ducati" by Guenevere Schwien

"Poker Run" by Wesley R. Baker

"Rane" by Susan Ward

"Daytona Streets" by Ken Goodson

"67" by Dale Bert

"Rick Johnson" by Ken Goodson

"Daytona Track" by Ken Goodson

"Davenport" by Ric Stewart

"First Turn" by David Uhl

"12" by Dale Bert

"So Woefully Underpaid" by Tom Fritz

"Triumph" by Joseph Lombardo

"Cleveland" by Ken Goodson

"Indian" by Ken Goodson

"Orange Guy With Hair" by Michael Siculan

"The Devil's Staircase" by Roger Williams

"Bonneville" by Ric Stewart

"Harley-Davidson Replica" by Kevin and Kent Stewart

"Motar" by Ric Stewart

"Dave's Bike" by David Argento

"Jay" by Kristin Morris

"Big As Texas" by Kristi Kloss

"Big Carb" by Siege

"Vintage Ducati" by Guenevere Schwien

"Crank" by Siege

"Rally In Sturgis" by Ken Goodson

"1967 Triumph Bobber" by Mary Watt Yeadon

"Hare Raising Ride" by Kristin Morris

"No Luck" by Michael Siculan

"Hell Drivers" by Michael Siculan

"Three Spark" by Siege