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30-Year Ride: Honda's Ohio-Made Motorcycles

HondaIt started in 1979, with a field that became a factory, and 64 workers building two-stroke dirtbikes. Over the next 30 years, the hundreds of Ohio residents who became Honda associates at the motorcycle plant built 2,334,403 products, including the flagship touring bike of one of the world’s largest makers.

Along the way, Honda’s motorcycle plant in Marysville, Ohio produced an impressive 43 different models, including some of the most iconic machines on the road in any era. The motorcycle plant was soon followed by the Marysville Auto Plant, which today encompasses 3.6 million square feet and has a capacity to produce 440,000 automobiles a year.

For motorcyclists, Honda of America Mfg., Inc. will always be remembered as the birthplace of Honda’s motorcycle production in the United States. And it’s those bikes this exhibit showcases—the pride of Ohio’s Honda plant, built by American workers producing some of the finest machines in the world.

The exhibit concluded in 2013.