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Bike Craft

Motorcyclists have always been fond of custom creations, but they haven't always created them the same way. Through the years, the appeal has focused on everything from over-the-top baggers to amazingly raked out choppers to rat bikes to futuristic concepts. A current trend has seen the rise of the café bike and its purposeful, industrial, stripped-down appearance.

These machines will start as something as pedestrian as a Yamaha SR500 and evolve into a racy, radical and edgy rendition — and, in many cases, these qualities are achieved with less not more. The café motif celebrates a minimalistic look, whether that  is the stock parts left behind or the custom pieces shaped and added by the builder.

The AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame has café bikes from some of today's hottest builders on display. Stop by the museum, located on the AMA campus in Pickerington, Ohio, for a look at some of today's coolest customs. Who knows? You might even find a bit of inspiration for your own creation.